Euro 2024 Last Man Balling

Choose three teams from the Euro 2024 Last Man Balling pricelist and see if your selections can outscore everyone else.

The deadline to join is 5pm BST on Friday 14th June and it is completely free to play.

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How to Play

Pick three teams without exceeding the £50 total budget. Earn 3 points for each win and 1 point for each draw, based on your teams' performance throughout the entirety of Euro 2024. Draws only count in the group stage as the three points will be allocated to the team that progresses through the knockout rounds, regardless of the score at full-time.

Teams cannot be replaced.

If you go over the £50 budget, you will not be included in the game so please double check your total cost before submitting your selections.

The player whose chosen teams have the most points at the end, wins a cash prize.


In the event of a tie at the end of the tournament, such as if more than one person picks the same teams, the winner will be decided by a tiebreaker. When submitting teams, everyone must predict the total number of goals scored throughout the tournament.


The overall winner will receive a cash prize. The more people who play, the bigger the prize, so invite your friends to join the fun!

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Team Prices

England - £24 France - £23 Germany - £22 Portugal - £21 Spain - £20 Italy - £19 Netherlands - £18 Belgium - £17 Croatia - £16 Denmark - £15 Turkey - £14 Switzerland - £13 Austria - £12 Hungary - £11 Serbia - £10 Ukraine - £9 Scotland - £8 Czech Republic - £7 Poland - £6 Romania - £5 Slovenia - £4 Slovakia - £3 Albania - £2 Georgia - £1

Previous Tournament Goals

Euro 2012: 76 goals

Euro 2016: 108 goals

Euro 2020: 142 goals


Group A: Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Switzerland

Group B: Albania, Croatia, Italy, Spain

Group C: Denmark, England, Serbia, Slovenia

Group D: Austria, France, Netherlands, Poland

Group E: Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine

Group F: Czech Republic, Georgia, Portugal, Turkey

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